USAF Thunderbird Crash

This photographic print, entitled "CLOSE CALL" is a limited edition, and available for purchase.

While it depicts a tragic and regrettable event, my thoughts still come around to that very lucky man, and his very fortunate loved ones. Captain Stricklin made it out OK with minor injuries; the "best of the best" pilots can be tougher to replace than aircraft, and impossible to replace by family.

Impression?  I found myself grateful - and admiringly proud - that here's a guy who MEASURED UP in the face of catastrophe momentous  -  dynamically applying talent, training, analysis, split-second decision-making and conscientious regard for public safety - a true demonstration of professionalism.

He's one of our own - The United States Air Force.

My hat's off to the guy...

Marc Auth
15 Oct 2003

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